Kitesurfing Equipment

With a large variety of kitesurfing equiptment onsale on the internet and in the shops it’s sometimes daunting knowing where to start and what to actually buy.

With this in mind Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School’s IKO instructor Chris Miles’ is here to help with information about various different bits of equipment from boards to useful gadgets.

Below we have focused on the best gear for beginners who want to know what the best buys are for them, before starting out but 1,4 and 5 are essential reading!

1. Picking your kite after your course.
2. How to clean your boots and wetsuit.
3. Choosing your harness.
4. The right Kiteboard for you.
5. The right Kite for you.
6. Buy a Wind Meter – don’t guess!
7. Surf Tent.
8. Key Protection – keep them safe.
9. Don’t go deaf in the water get Ear Plugs.
10. Seat Covers are essential too.