Kitesurfing Techniques

There are plenty of resources on the web about kitesurfing techniques but we felt it helped both new and experienced kitesurfters to post a collection of articles about getting those techniques down to a tee.

From back rolls to jumping, upwind body dragging and a whole lot more techniques and how to get them. See the latest articles from Brighton Kitesurfing School’s IKO instructor Chris Miles’ blog below.

Kitesurfing Jumps


In order to jump you will have to already be able to travel up wind and hold an edge as the build up to a jump will require you to be riding whilst holding an edge. Continue reading →

Body Dragging Upwind

There will be times when you will fall off your board and the board will stay more or less where it comes off and you and the kite will move and also be slowly heading downwind at the same time. Continue reading →