Kitesurfing Tips & Advice

Learn pro kitesurfing tips and tricks with advice from Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School’s IKO qualified instructor Chris Miles.

From health advice on protecting yourself including ears and your head to tips that help your expand your kitesurfing knowlege and skills along with valuable advice on looking after your board, your kite and other kitesurfing equipment. See the latest below and check back soon for the latest updates to our kitesurfers blog.

Cleaning Wetsuit and Boot Care

Cleaning Wetsuit and Boot Care

With your wetsuit and boots it is best to give them a clean after every outing. The sea water will contain micro biotic life that will begin to fester slightly if not properly removed Continue reading →

Kitesurfing Safety Tips For Beginners

After taking your IKO course it is now time for you to get out and get some practice in. You would be best to contact other newly qualified kitesurfers through your kite School and try and arrange to meet up with a kite buddy so that you can continue to learn from each other. You will both be at more or less the same level so there should be a lot you can help each other with. Continue reading →

Kitesurfing Jumps


In order to jump you will have to already be able to travel up wind and hold an edge as the build up to a jump will require you to be riding whilst holding an edge. Continue reading →

Body Dragging Upwind

There will be times when you will fall off your board and the board will stay more or less where it comes off and you and the kite will move and also be slowly heading downwind at the same time. Continue reading →