Overview of Our Prices and Kitesurfing Lessons and Courses in Sussex

A full course is three IKO days which you can split into any number of single days, taken privately or in groups.

If you would like to call for a chat or to get clarification on the lesson system, vouchers or pricing then please feel free to call Chris.

Please click on the course titles within the box for your links to course information and to purchase. Please note that all courses are now available in Spanish and our 2 and 3 Day Courses now have a Premium Option which includes and hour of dedicated board-start practice at Hove Lagoon Wake Wire !

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Learn to kitesurf with Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School’s IKO qualified instructorLessons in Sussex Chris Miles. Our school on the south coast in Sussex is accessible from London and throughout the south. We provide kitesurfing lessons and courses from beginners who just want to dip their toes and test the waters up to full IKO kitesurfing independant level certification and all your kitesurfing courses can be booked online to secure your lessons before the summer rush. Your IKO kitesurfing lessons will be given according to the IKO syllabus in three main stages Discovery, Intermediate and Independent which will take place over three days in the Brighton area around Sussex. When you finish any course or part of it your progress will be logged and you then receive an IKO kitesurfer certification which records your progress for when you are kiting in the future. This tells other schools how far you have advanced in the IKO international kitesurfing system and will be indispensable if you wish to hire equipment or continue your kitesurf education without starting from scratch.


Premium Option :
Lagoon Watersports and BEKS Brighton  offer you Sussex Kitesurfing Lessonsa unique discounted opportunity to ease the learning process ensuring you get the most out of your time on the water. Using the system 2.0 wake cable tow system at Lagoon Watersports you will be able to get comfortable being in the water with a board on your feet and be able to concentrate exclusively on the board skills without having to worry about the kite above your head. All of the lagoons operators are highly experienced cable coaches that will get you up and riding in the calm waist deep waters of the Lagoon. They will focus on deep water starts,edging on both the toes and the heels and riding both left foot forward and right foot forward. Once you have completed your session at lagoon watersports you will be feeling a lot more comfortable with a board on your feet and you can then take to the water with us.



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Your Kitesurfing lessons in the water are generally restricted to four hour windows per day, around low tide and we arrive 15 min early to change and take 20 min to dry off after, so plan for around five hours for each stage of your kitesurfing course. The IKO water courses are run with a partner, unless you have booked to go private, so if you did not come with anyone we will match you up before the beginning of your course.You can of course opt for one to one lessons or take a Powerkite lesson separately as a taster-please note Powerkite session is included as the first part of the IKO day 1 Discovery course so if you choose to do the Powerkite Course and then go on to take the IKO Discovery with BEKS you will be credited for the money already paid and accredited with the tuition completed. We recommend that all students take out their own personal accident insurance to cover kitesurfing which can be done through the BKSA.