BEKS Kitesurfing in Sussex now offers IKO Assistant Instructor Courses
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Iko Assistant Instructor Course Students receive the hands-on experience  required for you to start a professional kiteboarding career  with the IKO. You will  discover how an IKO Affiliated Kiteboarding School operates and learn   what an Instructor’s job entails! This program turns student proficiencies into great teaching and organizational competencies. Students learn how  to prepare, use and manage equipment properly and off course fundamental safety principals and practice.


Worlwide qualifications and benefits:
  • Teach up to one student under supervision.
  • Access the online job list.
  • Post seeking employment ads to the online job list.
  • Work at IKO Affiliated Centers.
  • Access the Pro Area of the IKO website.
  • Receive customer feedback that results in an international instructor ranking.
  • Eligible to take the Pre ITC online course.
  • Eligible to register for the Instructor Training Course (ITC).
  • Eligible to obtain IKO Kiteboarder Insurance coverage (where available).
  • Post personal profile information viewable on the general public website.
Prerequisites :
  • Be at least 16 years old (Candidates under 18 years old must obtain parental consent).
  • Be certified as an IKO Member Level 3 N.
  • Demonstrate deep water pack-down, self launch and land.
  • Have a valid first aid and CPR certificate.
  • Must be able to read and write.
 Duration: 3 Days
 Cost: £140 plus $US 52 to register with IKO