IKO level 2

Intermediate kitesurfing

Intermediate Kitesurfing – IKO Level 2 £120

Kitesurfing Lessons London

from IKO qualified kitesurf instructor Chris Miles of Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School. You can take level 2 IKO kitesurfing lessons and individulal 1 to 1 tuition for kitesurfers in the UK.
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International Kitesurfing Organisation (IKO) Level 2 Intermediate Lesson

Duration: 4  hours

An intermediate kitesurfing lesson for clients in the Brighton, Sussex, Kent and London areas. This lesson combines all the previous safety and set up practice and gets you into the water with the kite to move through the water without the board and then you have a go at completing your first runs with the board on your feet.

Here you will put the kitesurfing land skills that you acquired on day 1 into practice and demonstrate a more independent approach to kite set up and site assessment as well as piloting the kite in the water. You will learn how to travel through the water to arrive at any chosen point. You will now start to learn about kitesurfing water starts and put the board on your feet and give it a go.
What you will learn:

  • Pre-flight safety checks and site assessment
  • Determine wind strength, direction,quality and kite to use.
  • Independent kite set up and handling
  • Water entry with kite under control.
  • Water landing and relaunch
  • Kite positioning in the wind window
  • Downwind bodydrag in both directions
  • Board recovery with one handed bar control
  • Water start kite swoop and board positioning theory
  • Water start in both directions practice
  • Controlled stops
  • Deep water pack down.
  • Right of way rules