Two Day Kitesurfing Course

Learn to Kitesurf in two days

Learn to Kitesurf in two days

Learn to Kitesurf with a 2 day course £180

Learn to kitesurf over two days from IKO qualified kitesurf and powerkite instructor Chris Miles of BEKS -Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School. We offer all levels of IKO kitesurfing lessons, private 1 to 1 lessons, Powerkite lessons and package courses that can be booked online.

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Your 2 Day Course is discounted during weekdays (April- October) and the Premium option includes an hour of dedicated board-start practice at Hove Lagoon Wake Wire.

International Kitesurfing Organisation (IKO) Level 1 Discovery Lesson for day 1 and then IKO level 2 Intermediate Lesson for day 2.

Duration: 7 hours

A package course that incorporates day 1 and 2 of the IKO syllabus for beginner kitesurfing clients in Brighton, Sussex, Kent and London areas.

As this course is a combination of the first two IKO levels please see the information for Elementary and Intermediate kitesurfing lessons for in-depth detail of how each of those days work.  In short, this 2 day Kitesurfing course is for people who have no experience of kitesurfing and wish to cover all the rudimentary skills- from flying technique to your first board starts over two days.It will cover the initial skills necessary to pilot a small training kite as you would in the powerkite course to gain confidence and feel. It will then take you onto working with larger inflatable kites and their associated flying characteristics and safety features. After you have shown sufficient understanding of kite set up, control and safety considerations you will then move into the sea to practice your body dragging and then onto your waterstarts with the board before attempting your first, on board, kitesurfing runs! You do not have to take the days consecutively.