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BEKS kitesurfing with 3 day Course

BEKS Kitesurfing 3 Day Course

Learn to Kitesurf with a complete 3 day kitesurfing course £265

IKO Level 1 Discovery Lesson for day 1 and then IKO level 2 Intermediate Lesson for day 2 followed by level 3 Independent Rider Lesson.

Duration: 11 hours

NEW!  Your 3 Day Course is discounted during weekdays (April- October) and the Premium option includes an hour of dedicated board-start practice at Hove Lagoon Wake Wire.

A complete kitesurfing package course that puts together all three days of the IKO syllabus for beginner kitesurfing clients in Brighton, Sussex, Kent and London areas.

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This course combines IKO days 1 , 2 and 3 so please take a look at the specific information on each day in the dropdown tags under “lessons” for each days detail separately. This course is suitable for people who have no kitesurfing experience at all and it takes you from complete beginner through to independent kitesurfer. This is done in 3 basic steps- firstly you will practice your kite flying skills on dry land in day one with various different kites. Next, you combine this with safety drills and flying skills designed to show you how to move through the water with your kite. Day two will culminate with your board starts and first run attempts on the board. Then in day three you can start to take all the basics you have acquired in days 1 and 2 and hopefully translate them into board riding and developing stance as well as starting to employ other techniques such as moving upwind on the board. You do not have to take the days consecutively.

What you will learn:

    Day 1

  • Site Assessment-weather forecast, wind, tide and possible hazards.
  • Wind window theory
  • Buddy communication
  • Set up of equipment and powerkite
  • Safety systems and release for powerkite
  • Flying skills,steering and control
  • Launch and land practice
  • Twist and untwist lines whilst flying
  • Walking with the kite
  • Kite set up and handling for 4/5 line kites
  • Pre flight checks
  • Quick release inspection
  • Safe launch and landing technique
  • Power adjustment and flight checks
  • Kite control and depower familiarity
  • Self- landing