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An introductory basic sussex kitesurfing course for clients in the Brighton, Kent and London areas.

The first half of day one includes the previous Power Kite module followed by the introduction of larger 4 and 5 line kites used on the water which have different safety and power systems.You will learn how they are set up and practise the same control and steering techniques that you have learnt to use with the smaller kite whilst demonstrating knowledge of safe site assessment and showing appropriate competence within the wind window.

What you will learn:

  • Site Assessment-weather forecast,wind, tide and possible hazards.
  • Wind window theory
  • Set up of equipment and powerkite
  • Safety systems and release for powerkite
  • Flying skills,steering and control
  • Buddy communication
  • Launch and land practice.
  • Kite set up and handling for 4/5 line kites
  • Pre flight checks
  • Quick release inspection
  • Safe launch and landing technique
  • Power adjustment and flight checks
  • Kite control and depower familiarity
  • Self- landing


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Price: £80.00

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