Private Kitesurfing  Tuition Brighton £60 per hour

Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School’s IKO qualified kitesurf instructor Chris Miles provides full kitesurfing courses, lessons and individulal Private Kitesurfing tuition near Brighton that can be booked online for those who want to go a bit further.

Duration: Variable
Private Kitesurfing tuition Brighton

With BEKS is ideal if you have just finished a course and trying to stay upwind and need more help.

These lessons can deal with any element that you wish to focus on so there is no specific structure although we will assess you and start to work from your weak areas unless you have a specific request.
Common reasons for having a one to one lesson include:

Refresh skills and boost confidence under guidance before achieving full independence
Understand how to stay upwind and maintaining posture
Acquire and maintain a good stance
Learn how to manage high wind conditions
Know how to adjust your equipment and be able to fine tune it
Establish turns and making them more fluid
Developing controlled power for jumps
Master wave riding and tricks

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