Kitrsurfing Powerkite Duration: 1 1/2 hours

An introductory course for clients in the Brighton, Sussex, Kent and London areas. This kitesurfing Powerkite lesson enables you to get the fundamental feel of a smaller  kites on land as well as learning the 'wind window', and safety basics.

First we will  introduce some basic theory which includes important hazard identification and wind characteristics. Then we go to get some hands on flying experience with trainer kites to let you have an idea of what it's actually like to fly this kind of kite.You will become aware of the potential power you can develop and the skills needed to control and harness it. Soon you will be feeling in tune with the kite and after mastering a few basic maneuvers you will be ready to move on and learn how to set up bigger waterborne kites that are used later in the IKO Discovery kitesurfing Lessons.

The Powerkite session is included as the first part of the IKO Kitesurfing day 1 Discovery course so if you choose to do the Powerkite Lesson and then go on to take the IKO Discovery then you will be accredited with the tuition already completed.

If you wish to do a Powerkite course then the number of students allowable in one group can be up to 12 so if you have lager groups who wish to take part then a discounted rate will be offered.


What you will learn:

  • Site Assessment-weather forecast,wind, tide and possible hazards.
  • Wind window theory
  • Buddy communication
  • Set up of equipment and powerkite
  • Safety systems and release for powerkite
  • Flying skills,steering and control
  • Launch and land practice
  • Twist and untwist lines whilst flying
  • Walking with the kite


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Price: £35.00

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