About Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a fantastic watersport that has been growing in popularity over recent years. Here in the breezy UK just around London, it is possible to take kitesurfing lessons all year round and it has really quite literally, taken off! Read on for a bit more information about kitesurfing and the London kitesurf scene from Brighton based kitesurfer and instructor Chris Miles.

 How how does it work?

Kitesurfing is a combination of wakeboarding, surfing and kite flying done on the water. The kite generates power from the wind and allows you to be pulled across the water on a small board. The movement and power of the kite allows for jumps and tricks to be made and relatively little wind is needed to go out for a ride. The kite is made of canvas and inflatable tubes which keep the kites form and also allow it to float on the water -ready for relaunch.

The kite is moved up and down through the sky to create power and pull you in one direction and then moved over to the opposite side to move in the other direction. The kite is controlled by a bar which can increase or decrease the power as well as dictating the kite direction and position. Kite position in the sky will also determine how much power is produced. When the kite is itself moving, it creates “apparent” wind, that increases total power.

The less wind you have the bigger the kite you will need to use and vise versa. The kite is attached at your waist to a harness hook which can be released in an emergency to let the kite flag out and remove overpowering wind. The harness supports your core enabling you to be pulled along with far less effort than say, wakeboarding which requires rigidity and strength in the back and arm muscles.

Down at your feet you have a board with surfboard type straps which keep your feet in place, as the board is tilted in the water it catches the water and cuts upwind in much the same way as a rudder or fin does. The board is the same shape at both ends allowing you to travel in both directions without having to turn around.

Kitesurfing Near London
See our Kitesurfing lessons page for further information for beginners to get kitesurfing around London.

Kitesurfers In Action

*Two way radios used in all water lessons
  • Come rain or shine your bookings guaranteed for 9 months.
  • Have exhilarating fun without the need to be super fit.
  • Receive your personalized kitesurfing license.
  • Safety briefings before each lesson.
  • Ideal for beginners to advanced.
  • All safety equipment included.
  • Learn at your own pace

Find out more about Brighton Kitesurf instructor Chris Miles or see his blog.