Learn the techniques and skills required to make effective kitesurfing turns and other basic moves with some basic advice from Chris Miles of Brighton Kitesurfing School.

Kitesurfing skills such as turning and water starts are much easier to be shown on the beach rather than learning from a book so don’t worry if you find them confusing or difficult to visualize. After you have added a rudimentary turn to your knowledge base then you have all the basic skills you need to be an independent IKO kiteboarder.

For obvious safety reasons the basics here are not intended to be a complete “How to of Kitesurfing” or a recommended path to learn kitesurfing so please refer to our kitesurfing blog for more details or contact Chris today.

Kitesurfing Turns

Lastly, you will want a turn that is flowing and does not leave you sitting in the water at the end of each run. A sliding turn allows you to do this and requires you to transfer you weight from your back foot to your front foot whilst also changing the direction of the kite.

The board is flattened out, weight between feet is evened and speed is reduced until you almost come to a stop. Whilst this has been going on the kite should have started to slowly come back in the opposite direction, so when the board has equal weight, the kite will be smoothly passing 12 o’clock and as passing 12 the board will then slide so that what was the back foot is now leading and most weight is transferred to your new back foot.

The back of the board has slipped around 40 degrees downwind and is now the front end as you are traveling in the opposite direction. The kite is hopefully traveling with you and you have complete harmony in your new direction.

If you are thinking of taking kitesurfing lessons then you should contact a school and if you are in or around the London or Brighton areas then BEKS are ideal, as we provide kitesurfing training down at Shoreham beach, have a look at our range of kitesurfing lessons and locations or contact us for more information.

*Two way radios used in all water lessons
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Find out more about Brighton Kitesurf instructor Chris Miles or see his blog.