Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School provide kitesurfing lessons around the Brighton area on the south coast of the UK. Through our website you can see our lessons and courses along with current pircing details and you can secure your next kitesurfing course today by booking online.

You can also find out more about our school in our kitesurfing FAQs, see how to find us in Brighton and learn more from about kitesurfing from our blog as well as browsing see collection of useful kitesurfing links from around the web. The school is new and opening in spring 2013 which is a little late this year but it now looks like we are set to have some beautiful kiteboarding weather ahead.

About Chris

IKO qualified instructor Chris Miles Chris Miles

Our IKO qualified instructor Chris Miles is an experiencedChris of BEKS kitesurfing School Brighton
teacher and skilled kitesurfer based in Brighton. Here is what Chris has to say about his experiences and passion for kitesurfing and teaching.

“I have been a teacher / instructor for the last 14 years in one form or another. Originally I was Cabin Crew flying long haul around the world to various islands in The Caribbean. Leading on after that I spent a number of
years in different parts of The Dominican Republic , Thailand and Ibiza working as a Dive Instructor.

After a short spell in Bogota Colombia, where I set up my own English language school, I returned to Brighton .

I came across kiteboarding in Cabarete in The Dominican Republic in 2003 and wanted to start then but a number of accidents held me back till 2007. Kitesurfing did not come easily to me and I was never a “natural surfer”. I remember thinking at my IKO instructor training ,” these guys are going to be better than me, jump higher, with more style and know more tricks”.

I was not entirely wrong, but fortunately being a good instructor lies in your ability to communicate ideas and inspire confidence and this is what we hope you gain from your time with us, whether you come alone or with friends, you will have great day irrespective of your learning pace.”

*Two way radios used in all water lessons
  • Come rain or shine your bookings guaranteed for 9 months.
  • Have exhilarating fun without the need to be super fit.
  • Receive your personalized kitesurfing license.
  • Safety briefings before each lesson.
  • Ideal for beginners to advanced.
  • All safety equipment included.
  • Learn at your own pace

Find out more about Brighton Kitesurf instructor Chris Miles or see his blog.