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View a whole range of kitesurfing related frequently asked questions that have been answered by Brighton Kite Surf  School instructor Chris Miles.

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Are BEKS regulated by a governing body that is recognised internationally?

Yes, we operate according to IKO (International Kitesurfing Organisation) standards, have full school insurance, and only use IKO instructors.You are invited to appraise your lessons at the IKO website.

When are you open?

We teach 7 days a week (April -October) except for 14 days for summer holidays over the summer period.  Even if  it is too cold to do the water work out of season, we can do IKO Day ones over weekends ( min 2 on a course) in that period as they are done on dry land.  IKO Day One covers the inflatable kite setup, theory and safety equipment training, which covers the first third of the course, leaving us ready for days two and three.

Do you supply all kitesurfing equipment?

All equipment is provided for the lessons except for hard soled plimsoles which you must bring to water sessions.

There will be a range of wetsuits, shelter jackets, life vests, harnesses, helmets, boards and of course bars, lines and kites.

Do I have to take all the days of a course consecutively?

No, you do not have to take the days of the two or three day courses one after the other. Like all lessons they are done when there is wind and everyone is able to attend.

What happens if the weather changes before or during my lesson or I need to postpone it for another day?

If the weather changes then we will have to rebook the lesson on another day and if the weather fails during your lesson then we will make arrangements for your remaining time to be completed. As long as you postpone giving 4 days of notice we can reschedule for the next available day.

How many people are there in a group?

There are a maximum of four students per instructor for water sessions. There is also a minimum of two students for courses to begin so you will be partnered with a buddy assuming you have not booked a private class.

The other exception would be if you were a large group of people who just wanted to powerkite on land, in which case we can take a maximum of 12 and the price would depend on group size- please feel free to contact me if you are an organisation wishing to book groups in.

Do I really need an instructor to learn to Kitesurf?

Yes, you will definitely need direct tuition and close observation if you have never had any lessons before. Even if you have had some lessons and it has been a while since you were out then it is advisable to have a refresher lesson before starting again -it is easy to get yourself into a squeeze by being overconfident.

What Equipment is Used?

BEKS kitesurfing school in Brighton uses the most docile kites in the Ozone North and Naish range. We have other small kites like the Best Kahoona which is also known to be amongst the most friendly for kitesurfing beginners. We use Nobile and Airush boards in various sizes.

What documentation do I get at the end of my course?

When you finish your course your progress will be logged and you then receive an IKO licence which records your progress for when you are kiting in the future.

What if I am learning at a different speed to other people on my course?

The kite is swapped from you to the other person, that you will be buddied with on the course, at regular intervals so they can develop at their own speed when they have the kite and then you will continue at your own pace.

Is there a minimum or maximum age to kitesurf ?

The upper age limit is set by your general fitness. There is a minimum age of 12 and people between 12 and 18 must have written consent from their parents or legal guardian. The Student waiver form must also  be signed by their parents or legal guardian.

How fit should I be to Kitesurf ?

You will need to have a reasonable level of flexibility and be able to swim 100 meters unaided. No real strength is required elsewhere and as you progress the extra strength that is needed due to increased time on the board develops where it is needed (stomach and legs).

What do I need to bring to lessons?

If you have your own wetsuit then bring it as it will fit you snugly otherwise we provide winter ones at the school. Bring swimming costume, warm clothes, sun cream, sun glasses, towel and some old trainers. A packed lunch and flask with some hot drink goes down well!

Can I buy lessons as a present for family and friends?

Yes and the vouchers can be purchased on the buy a BEKS Kitesurfing Gift Voucher Page . After you have paid  the voucher is automatically emailed to you.

Find out more about Brighton Kitesurf instructor Chris Miles or see his blog.

*Two way radios used in all water lessons
  • Come rain or shine your bookings guaranteed for 9 months.
  • Have exhilarating fun without the need to be super fit.
  • Receive your personalized kitesurfing license.
  • Safety briefings before each lesson.
  • Ideal for beginners to advanced.
  • All safety equipment included.
  • Learn at your own pace