Beach Sports in Brighton


Watersports and Beach Sports are floroushing in England and nowhere more than in Brighton where Kitesurfing  -the new Olympic Sport, is booming. There are a number of locations where you can try out this exciting sport which are dealt with in our separate posts.

Kiteboarders tend to focus on going on the next kiteboarding holiday for optimum enjoyment of the sport but I can truthfully say, that there is nowhere in the world that I have had so much fun kitesurfing, as I have at Shoreham beach – just down the road from Brighton, when the waves come in.

If you want to practise your kite surfing techniques after you have had kitesurfing lessons and still need to develop your technique then we can offer one to one kitesurf lessons  where you will have a chance to concentrate on your own particular needs.

For those who would like to buy equipment then we can supply 5/4 wetsuits, 5 mm warm booties and most other kite Equipment that you will need to start kitesurfing independently.

If you decide to go out with a friend then make sure you are both competent enough to avoid any problems for others or yourselves. Before you go you should check the tide and weather conditions and never go out on your own. If you are even slightly unsure as to if, where or when to go then you can contact [email protected] and I will point you in the right direction.

Sometimes having a video to watch that is full of great technique and very easy to follow, so that off the water, you have a chance to process what you have done during the day. Have a look at the progression video which is perfect for this.

All kite boarders should have personal accident insurance and we recommend you take this out before doing any kite surfing. A good option to get yourself covered would be to join the BKSA – British Kite Surfing Association and when you do this you will automatically get your personal accident insurance.

Beach SportsKeeping in line with more beach activities – we have a great volleyball venue in Brighton called Yellowave Beach Sports between the pier and the marina so on those days when you can’t kite because there is no wind the conditions for volleyball are perfect !




After all that hard work on the water you may need a massage to be ready for  your next session so if you have time book into Little Jasmine Therapies in Brighton where BEKS clients can have a deep tissue massage at 10% discount or visit Natural Balance Therapies in Hove who offer Sports and Remedial Massage and Deep Tissue with 10% off the first treatment.

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