Beginners Kite and equipment after your course

If you have finished your IKO kitesurfing course and are wondering which kite to buy yourself then read on

beginners kite


Often when people get to the end of their courses they find that they have a certain amount of experience under their belts and have tried a few different kites and a range of other equipment but do not know which kite would be best for them to buy. The kites are not cheap so a good decision at this stage will be worth it’s weight in gold, not to mention that if you buy the right kite now then your early development will accelerate much faster and if you have bought a recommended kite with all the appropriate safety systems that is in good condition then it is bound to be far safer too.


There is the age old consideration of size too and this will ultimately depend on how many kites you are willing to buy. Most people find that they need to buy 3 different sizes of kite in order to take advantage of the varying winds around the world. Obviously if you only have funds for two kites then you will need to space the sizes differently to cover the full range but we will assume the norm and work on a 3 kite quiver. For a 70-80 kg rider this may be something like a 6 m , 8 m and perhaps a 12 m but for final evaluation it is best to choose the kite brand  that you want to go with and speak to the retailer about the sizing for your personal needs as power for two same sized kites over two different brands can vary.

There are a range of kites out there from a number of different brands that are designed for beginners but to mention a few of the obvious choices we can include the Best Kahoona, the North Evo and the Ozone Catalyst. The bar and lines it is best to buy complete with the kite. All of these kites would make great first kites for a beginner who was looking for and easy ride but also something that they will have a lot of fun with whilst developing their style.The two better quality kite brands are the North and the Ozone but all perform outstandingly for beginners and are very predictable.

beginners kite


As for a great board  the Nobile range is considered strong with the NBL currently aimed at beginners with the T5 and NHP also being suitable with all boards having a very stable ride that easily locks on to an edge taking you upwind effortlessly. Your wetsuit will need to fit you well so it is a good idea to try one on before you buy – in the end it will depend on which brand fits your body shape best. O’Neil do something called a Psycho and Rip Curl have their Flash bomb which incorporates a quick dry lining technology – both of these will ensure that you stay nice and warm all year round. They all come in different thicknesses and here in the winter you will need a 5/4 that is skin tight to avoid any water flushing through the suit so choose carefully.

If you want a simple harness now you are past your course it is probably best to go for a waist harness and suffer the shortcomings for the meantime so you are not forced to buy another. When I say shortcomings I mean that it will likely ride up uncomfortably for a while until you become more competent but a seat harness will mean you buying twice. Mystic Star is a good entry level harness that will last you years or try Flying Objects -flight control. On top of these basic elements you are advised to wear a 50 N buoyancy vest and also a helmet . Gath is a  high visibility range helmet that is designed for use kitesurfing as it allows you a good line of sight directly up to the kite above you and as or life vest something that is high visibility and minimal in size. Some people go for an impact vest in place of a life vest as it tends to provide a higher level of thermal protection whilst also offering some short term buoyancy.

The kite , lines and board are the expensive choices and the ones that people often get wrong so good investigation is advised before buying. BEKS Kitesurfing retail for Ozone and supply  kitesurfing equipment so if you do decide to go with Ozone or want further advice then please get in touch.