Cleaning Wetsuit and Boot Care

With your wetsuit and boots it is best to give them a clean after every outing. The sea water will contain micro biotic life that will begin to fester slightly if not properly removed and also your body will sweat and leave an oily deposit on the suit that will begin to smell over time.

If when you take your wetsuit off you leave it inside out it will be easier to clean as the inside is the part that is dirtiest usually. Firstly you need to rinse off the seawater residue and bigger bits of sand and beach debris from your suit by either showering down or better by soaking in a tub of water and washing through a few times.

Secondly you will need to wash it in a solution of mild soap  such as shampoo and a mild mix of disinfectant like Detol. The Shampoo will help to remove the oil from the suit if left to soak for a while and then very lightly scrubbed with a dense scrubbing brush. The Detol will help to kill any organisms that are left that can give rise to odor.What I usually do is take the wetsuit out of the solution and leave it to drip dry without rinsing so that there is a small amount of shampoo and disinfectant left on the suit whilst it is drying.

Things like boots will inevitably smell after time so hard to stop this altogether but the disinfectant levels can be mixed up a bit higher for the boots and then left in a smaller bucket for a longer time to help eradicate the funk.


wetsuit and boot care