Kitesurfing Back Roll

Coming into the back loop or  kitesurfing back roll you will need to have a medium speed and keep the kite at 11 to support your weight.

Some people tend to send the kite to 11 a little to give themselves a little jump but it should not be necessary. For the back roll you will need to edge hard upwind on your back leg as if you were coming to a complete stop or making a heel side turn. Without loosing too much speed you then need to push off on your back leg and push yourself up and round to pivot your whole body around. Once you are almost all the way round you need to look over your shoulder to spot your landing and reposition the kite forwards to give yourself some increased momentum.

The Kitesurfing board needs to come back down in the position that you were in before you started to edge upwind so you will end up running back downwind a little before you start to regain your course. Importantly ,try to keep your hands placed equidistantly on the bar so that there is no unintentional turning of the kite whilst you are in the air and in a more central position so that if t

here is any movement it will translate into small movement of the kite. If you forget this you may accidentally kite loop and end up in the water after attempting your first back roll.