There are various gadgets or addition’s that are useful for kitesurfing and not all of them safe like this one.This is an extendable kitesurfing board leash

that will run out when you fall off the board and then slowly reel in the board so that it is there for you once you are ready to go again so you never have to body drag back to your board.

This is convenient but the obvious problem is that with the board tied to your feet you have a much higher chance of it catapulting back to crack you skull open so not a device I would recommend using nor one the IKO allows. It also stops you from learning how to get back to your board which is something you are better off learning.

This kind of leach is safer than a fixed leach but if you are having trouble getting back to your board then a well inflated arm band or two around the handle will help you to see where it is and also allow the wind to blow it downwind with you as you look for it. In short DON’T USE LEACHES OR REELS. kitesurfing board leash