There will be times when you will fall off your board and the board will stay more or less where it comes off and you and the kite will move and also be slowly heading downwind at the same time.

The wind will be blowing you down wind at a faster rate than your board so you will need to travel up wind to reclaim your board.

Body Dragging Upwind

In order to do this you will need to make a couple of sweeps in the water without the board with your body positioned so that you are traveling upwind. This is done by placing the kite at 2 o’clock and keeping an even power in the kite so that it can drag you but in a controlled manner. Your back hand is used to control the bar whilst your forward hand and arm is outstretched in front of you and slightly upwind to act as a rudder in the water.

Your whole body and legs will follow down from your arm in as straight as line as possible so that now your whole body is helping you move up wind. Once you have had a good drag for around 7-10 seconds you can stop, try to spot your board and come back in the other direction doing the exact opposite. So you will have your left hand extended out in front of you and your right hand steering the bar with the kite positioned at 10 o’clock On returning you will ideally come back to your board but in reality it will take you a few more sweeps before you become proficient.

The fist thing to do if you were traveling on your board and you fall off is to keep going in the direction you were traveling as you know your board is behind you and then you can turn around and come back to see if you have located your board. A couple of things to look out for are to keep the power in the kite smooth as over or under power tend to loose you ground. When you are trying to make an upwind position with your body -do not face too much upwind as you will not cut through the water and you will find that you have made little or no upwind progress. Keep your face quite close to the bar and only angle slightly upwind of your kite. You will need to experiment with this in the water a number of times to get it just right.

Once back at the board you will need to slow significantly and move your kite to 12 in order to have enough control to put the board back on your feet. Then you are ready for your water start.