This has to be the number one gadget that everyone will invest in. Useful for traveling abroad and also on your local beach. Protect your ears from wind deafness !

Kitesurfing can be tough on the ears with cold water and whistling wind which can eventually make your ears sensitive or susceptible to tinnitus.

To avoid this you can use some disposable earplugs that are made from a wax like material and can be found online or in boots-they are called Bio Ears and are actually made from silicone. They are waterproof and incredibly sound proof molding to your ear shape perfectly. You will find that they do not drop out like their spongy competitors and although they are not specifically designed to be kitesurfing Ear plugs they do perform incredibly well in the water. They can even protect against the type of pressure damage that you get when your ear makes  hard impact with the water during a fall.