If you want to travel a little further away from Brighton then another two miles west from Shoreham then Kitesurfing in Lancing is the next beach down the coast and it has become very popular over the last 10 years.

Kitesurfing in Lancing

This beach is even shallower at low tide with little or no waves but has a rather restricted area as the kite beach is between a swim zone on one side and the sailing club on the other. This can lead to it being crowded with kiters in the summer season. The beach has an old metal pipe outlet and a series of large boulder groynes which separate the beaches. The boulders can be dangerous for beginners, as it is not always possible to keep clear of them as proved in the past with terrible results.

However once you have gained independence and can steer around the traffic on the water and keep yourself clear of beach hazards then there are some nice flat conditions to be had.

Lancing Kitesurfing Beach


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