Kitesurfing lessons and courses near London

For people who live in and around London there are a good few options for kitesurfing courses within an hour or so travel from the capital.

There are different factors to bear in mind when searching for a place to kitesurf near London or if you are looking for kitesurfing lessons or courses close to London.  You are not just kitesurfing but probably hoping to take advantage of the apres surf facilities in the area or at least somewhere fun to stay. You will want to visit somewhere that is near, has good transport connections, enjoys good stable, reliable wind and is a safe easy beach to kite from.

Camber sands and Greatstone has safe kiting and good winds and not too far from London but is not the easiest of places to access as there is not great transport from the train station to the beach which can be a long taxi ride or bus journey. If you have your own car then not so much of a problem but then again the apres surf is lacking so not much nightlife. After a recent visit I realised that I have omitted another important factor for kitesurfing from this beach and that is the punishing walk out to the sea at low tide which can take 15-20 min.

Brighton is close, has direct line transport, the winds are predominantly from the southwest and there are beaches to be found that are safe and easy to kite from. Some beaches in this area such as Lancing have groynes and obstacles on the beach making them risky for learning and others like Seaford and Eastbourne where safe conditions for learning are  generally not present. Shoreham suffers from the territorial disputes infamous in the surfing world where groups of locals have assumed ownership of the beach and are less than welcoming to “outsiders” although if you are of a competent standard and you are not there so often then you will more than likely go unnoticed.

With all these factors in mind BEKS kitesurfing are based in Brighton and go to various beaches dependent on the wind direction within a short drive of Brighton so that all the benefits can be taken advantage of without excess risk or unnecessary headache . If I were in London and thinking of a Kite school to go to for lessons it would be between BEKS and another big school in Camber who seem to be doing well.

The rest is personal choice -you may not necessarily want to visit a vibrant city but you will definitely want to go to a beach which is close, safe, easy to get to with great kitesurfing.

climping beach and sand dunes

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