Kitesurfing Littlehampton

If you live in and around Littlehampton, Sussex down on the south coast just an hour from London then the opportunity to have beginner kitesurfing course and lessons with BEKS kitesurfing School in the easiest and safest conditions for hours around is yours…

There are different factors to bear in mind when searching for a place to kitesurf and in Littlehamption you have all the necessary conditions available.  The beaches are very shallow and flat with a slow gradient of depth allowing easy access and the ability to stand up at any time. This also gives a very large window of low tide opportunity so there are more hours in the day when you can actually go and take your lesson which is important when the wind is being difficult. When Kitesurfing Littlehampton the beaches are nearly empty with almost no sea traffic which can be not only a difficult annoyance but crucially very dangerous at the more crowded beaches such as Lancing and Shoreham where there are many kitesurfers crossing very close to each other and getting involved in accidents. Again the low tide shallow conditions mean that there are extremely small waves that are virtually negligible compared to many other local beaches especially Shoreham. This is not often appreciated by first timers but when you are attempting to thread everything that you have learnt together and get up onto the board it is very helpful, to say the least, that you have not got a big wave crashing down on you.

Other factors that are not inconsiderable are that large stretches of beach  have no obstacles whatsoever  to crash into which obviously create a much safer kiting environment. If you are kiting in the winter months then  beaches like this that are shallow are handy as it means that you are not submersed up to your neck for prolonged periods- this then makes learning right through the year much more palatable and with the addition of gloves and a neoprene jacket you would be surprised how comfortable you can be.

Travel from London is easy enough with both trains and road connections being direct and frequent

With all these factors in mind BEKS kitesurfing are based in Brighton but we love Kitesurfing Littlehampton which is our preferred Location for all the reasons above and from a teaching and learning perspective it is worth the little extra money spent on petrol to get safe easy conditions every time! We go to various beaches dependent on the wind direction within a short drive of Brighton so it may sometimes be different but this is our number one choice.

Kitesurfing Littlehampton