The Wave Cave. This is a board bag that doubles as a tent which is a neat little idea for a windy beach whether it is summer or winter.

Kitesurfing Wave Cave

The idea is putting a board bag together with a tent to give you some protection from the elements. It was originally developed for the surfing community but it translates well for kitesurfers who I can imaging making good use of this around Europe this summer.Having said that you would be happy to have use of the wave cave in England if you are traveling and kiting at any time of year.


Time will tell if the weather resistance capability of the tent are up to modern standards but as long as they can keep the price down then buyers will trial it out. It was designed to be easy to use and minimize the space needed for packing up for a simple weekend and  there is a certain hippy chic factor attached to the clever design and that will help make it attractive.

wave cave