Just three miles down the road from Brighton you will find Shoreham beach which is  popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Sussex. It first started being popular over 20 years ago….

Kitesurfing Sussex -Shoreham Beach


Here kites are set up on the beach in the designated area which starts just opposite Ferry road and runs down to the harbour wall.

This whole stretch has no groynes or obstacles for a good 800 meters until you have the harbour wall which is best to stay well away from and the beach can be a little steep for entry at high tide which is best avoided altogether as it is choppy and leaves a narrow stretch between beginners to kite here is 2 hours around low tide and in moderate wind (15-25 knots) when you have water that is shallow enough to get into easily with fair sea conditions. When the wind is (25-35 knots) and the tide is low you will find some great waves with flat sections in between good size rollers. Locals seem to be a little possessive of their territory here and tend to be unwelcoming at times.

Kitesurfing in Shoreham

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Kitesurfing in Sussex