Terms and Conditions

BEKS – Brighton Elementary Kitesurfing School Terms and Conditions.

BEKS try to ensure the smooth running of courses to allow all clients to enjoy their lessons with the minimum of fuss. The following conditions are aimed at facilitating this.

1) Courses are not confirmed until full payment has been received and there is a minimum of 2 people to start the class.

2) By paying for a course  you are deemed to have agreed to our terms and conditions and that you have no health conditions that may make kiteboarding hazardous for yourself or others. Also that your general fitness is good and you are comfortable in the water being able to swim 100 meters unaided.

3) Once you have made the payment online we will send an email confirming the next available lesson date and time. Attached to this will be a medical form, legal waiver and release of liability that you must fill in and send back before the course is due to start. Once bought courses are non refundable for any reason.

4) Courses booked online are subject to availability and specific dates are not guaranteed. All IKO courses are taken with other students,who wish to go on the same day, unless you have opted to go private.

5) Once a course date has been agreed, they are non-transferable unless we are contacted no later than four days before the course is due to start. In this case we will move it to a mutually agreeable date. Moving the course date less than four days from when the course commences for any reason, will be liable for full payment.

6) Lessons must start at the arranged time and on time. If you are late and miss the safety briefing or do not attend your lesson for any reason, you will be charged the full rate and will lose your time and money for that class . If there is no wind then you can book into the next available date.

7) BEKS kiteboarding will make all decisions regarding how the course is run and if and when the lessons should be ended. The instructor may end the lesson for any reason but if the weather fails then we will make arrangements for your remaining time to be completed another day.

8) Ensure that when you come to kitesurf lessons that you are alert and present rather than freewheeling through time off- if you have a tennis lesson you can daydream and nobody is at risk but while kitesurfing your own safety and that of others depends on your ability to understand instruction and then to react to it appropriately. If you repeatedly fail to follow safety guidelines or follow instruction then you will be removed from the course and your time for that day will be lost.

9) BEKS Kitesurfing School has full public liability insurance but students must be aware that kitesurfing is potentially dangerous and is undertaken at your own risk.We do not cover you for personal accident and injury so you should take out your own personal accident insurance to cover kitesurfing.

10) All booking fees and lessons must be used within a duration of 9 months from the initial booking date.

11) We are sometimes closed for family holidays, which may take place at any time over the year.

12) General terms and conditions

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